A Newport Brushstrokes Masterpiece Reveal

Newport Brushstrokes Masterpiece Reveal

A Newport Brushstrokes Masterpiece Reveal

One of the best feelings as a company, is knowing your customers are pleased with the product you have provided.  Newport Brushstrokes Fine Art Inc. recently had an associate who filmed her first viewing of her Custom Photo to Canvas Oil Painting (watch the video below).  The look on her face as she reveals her new masterpiece says it all.

After hearing rave reviews from several of her customers about their own Newport Brushstrokes paintings, Deborah Jayce decided to order her own.  Jayce went through her photo albums and found the perfect photo to get hand painted onto a canvas.  It is a photo of her Father looking very handsome in his military outfit.

Before even seeing the end result, Jayce was impressed by how much care Newport put into wrapping the canvas.  During the unboxing, you can see how well the painting was wrapped and carefully stored to ensure a safe, damage-free delivery.

As the canvas was removed from the box, I noticed two things.  One, was of course, how beautiful the oil painting was.  I am honestly always floored by how true to life the paintings are.  I can only imagine how Jayce felt as she saw such a beautiful portrayal of her Father.

The second thing I noticed, was the beautiful frame.  Newport Brushstrokes takes the hassle out of having to find a frame that will fit the canvas.  I have so many pieces of art in storage that I would like to have out. I simply do not have the time to find a good quality frame.  With ten different frame options, Newport makes sure you do not have to worry about that.  Your painting, as you see in the video, will be delivered already framed.

Ordering your photo to canvas painting is also very easy to do.  Simply choose one of the eleven size options and select the desired frame. Then, upload the photo you wish to have converted to an original piece of art.  It is that simple and can all be done online here.

If you have any questions, or have a special request, you can always contact them. Their artists will gladly work with you to give you the product you have envisioned.  The product Newport provides will be treasured for years to come, and they only want the very best for their customers.

Contact them today to start the journey of getting your own original photo to oil canvas painting by calling 1-888-383-4858, e-mailing sales@newportbrushstrokes.com, or by visiting their official website here.

**If you wish to have a photo to canvas painting done for the holidays, be sure to order it by December 4th to have it available by December 25th!


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