Newport Brushstrokes: Capture Holiday Memories

Newport Brushstrokes Capture Holiday Memories

Newport Brushstrokes: Capture Holiday Memories

Happy New Year!  

For the past few weeks, you were probably busy attending, or hosting holiday events.  At these events, with on average one camera per family, several photos were taken.  Personally, our family took over 600 photos of all the special moments that we experienced throughout the holiday season.

Looking through these photos, many of them are “picture perfect”.  The holidays are usually the perfect times to see relatives who you rarely get to spend time with.  These are the memories that you would like to live on forever.  While photographs are a wonderful medium to preserve moments in time, there is a more unique option.

Newport Brushstrokes can take that picture perfect photo from the holidays, and transform it into a work of beautiful art.  Whether it is a group photo, or a special moment between the children of the family, the artists at Newport Brushstrokes can recreate it as a canvas oil painting.

The process is simple.  You upload the photo to their site, choose the dimensions and the type of frame you would like to receive and your work is done.  The artists will take care of the rest.  Send them your photo today, and get a free consultation!

If you are thinking “I like the idea, but I wouldn’t want a holiday themed picture up year round.”, that is understandable and there is a solution.  The artists are able to take the items or people from the photo you wish to keep, and put a different background setting to it.

If you have any special requests, do not hesitate to contact them so they can give you the exact replication you would like.  The artists want to make sure you get the product you want, while being hassle-free for you.

This artwork would be the perfect gift for any occasion throughout the year.  Or you can save it as a gift for next Christmas.  If you decide to hang it on your own wall, it will make you stop and remember the beautiful moments you shared with loved ones, and that is priceless, all year round.

Contact Newport Brushstrokes today by calling 1-888-383-4858 or 514-587-6728.  You can also reach them by e-mailing

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