LIVE TONIGHT! The Uneasy Alliance Show Presented by Jess Abran ft. Voyce*, Sookz, The OM Sound and Many Special Guests

One of the several reasons I love Montreal, is because of the music/art scene.  Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced attendee, you can always count on finding something you absolutely love on the numerous stages around the City.  Whether the venue is a large auditorium, or a hole in the wall bar, you never […]

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Jess Abran & Morbin Collaboration

Jess Abran & Morbin

Jess Abran & Morbin Collaboration “Montreal’s got ADD, just like me. A sleepless, restless city.” -Jess Abran I feel honored to say that I was able to interview Montreal’s own “Pirate” Jess Abran and Producer/Turntablist Morbin for their upcoming collaboration.  This is not the first time they have collaborated but it was back in 2012 when […]

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