Hockey Night at Dollar Cinema

Hockey Night at Dollar Cinema: Benefiting the Saku Koivu Cancer Foundation I have already written about how amazing Dollar Cinema  is, but it just got even better!  Tonight, I attended their second Hockey Night and I will definitely be going back for another game. For a donation of $3, (tonight the profits went to the […]

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The Ryan Reynolds Movie Day

Ryan Reynolds Movie Day

  The Ryan Reynolds Movie Day While I am anxiously waiting for Deadpool (2016) to be released, here are a few of the films I watched along with short reviews. There were a few I hadn’t even heard of before and I am so glad that I watched them. Sef/less (2015) “A dying real estate […]

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Dollar Cinema: Cheapest Movies in MTL

Dollar Cinema

Dollar Cinema Going out to see a movie can be very expensive- the general price of admission  is usually around $12.99 per person.  Add the price of Popcorn, drinks- it’s not a shocker if you end up spending over $40 just to go on a “movie date” with one other person.  While I love Scene Points, […]

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